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Property Management

Property Management should be an integral part of any agency’s business plan but many agencies find the challenge of establishing and/or managing a growing rent roll too much to deal with.

At a time when rents are fluctuating and management fees are under siege, the one thing that sets one agency above another is the perception of service that they provide. Quality service doesn’t just come from detailed inspections and cost-effective maintenance. It also requires great communication with customers and colleagues in ways that help develop their understanding of the work that’s done and the changing economic and legislative frameworks within which we operate. All of this takes time.

As a new agency grows, the budding Principal can be faced with balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the landlords and tenants. These are not necessarily one and the same thing and finding that balance takes time. In larger agencies, solving this is often a simple case of adding extra staff but in a small, growing business this option is rarely available. 

As part of ASG’s Shared Services Australia model, every agency can be cross supported by others in the network as well as by the Shared Services central team. This assistance covers every aspect of the agency’s operations including:

• Tenant Applications
• Ingoing Inspection
• Leases and Keys
• Settling In Inspection
• Routine Inspection
• Maintenance
• Rent Collection / Reviews / Trust Accounting
• Outgoing Inspection
• Relationship Management / Tribunal

More importantly, the Shared Services network model provides for annual leave coverage so that agency principals, and essential staff, can finally take the time off they require.

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