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Agency Support

You didn’t get into real estate to become an administrator, did you?

Whether you’re just starting as a Principal, or you’ve been running your own agency for many years, your strongest skill set would have to be your ability to list and sell property and/or build a rent roll.

To achieve success in real estate takes focus. Focussing on the tasks that get results and not being distracted by those that don’t!

If you’re honest with yourself, there’s no one better in your business at growing your business than you and getting the balance right between selling and servicing takes time and attention to detail.

To help maintain that balance, and to help our client agencies to establish themselves and continue to grow, ASG’s Shared Services Australia offers a range of support programs that can make sure that the jobs get done that need to be done - on time and on budget.

Whether you want to start with basic sales administration help or want a full back-end office system, Shared Services Australia can use the combined experience of a team of real estate professionals with backgrounds that cover every area of agency management to help you get started or adapt to change.

We’re a team that remembers that you are our client.

Services can include:

  • Basic PA support

  • Pre Listing Support

  • Listing Administration

  • Post Sale Administration

  • Sales Trust Administration

  • Marketing Management

  • Training Support

  • Phone Support

  • Locum Support

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