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NSW Bond Data

Every year, the NSW Department of Fair Trading releases the data for recent rental bond lodgements and refunds as well as data on the total rental bond holdings. The data itself is generated by the agents, or landlords, at the time of each bond's lodgement.

Since 2016, Agency Services Group has analysed and combined this data and transformed the hundreds and thousands of records into a searchable database.

Now, by entering any NSW postcode, a report can be generated that displays:

  • The number of bonds lodged each year

  • The average rent for the year 

  • The duration of the tenancies whose bonds were released

  • The percentage of each bond that was claimed from the tenants

This is then comparable to the total NSW statistics for the same periods:

NSW Data.png

Let us know your preferred postcode and we'll run a copy of the report for you:

Thanks for submitting!

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