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Member Services

ASG’s Member Services programs can assist franchise and member groups with the growth and development of their teams from helping secure the appointment of a new agent aligned with a specific geographic territory through to statewide support for every office.

Our solutions can include:


  • Assisting in the recruitment of new agents/agencies that align with your goals and ideals and who pass your approval processes

  • Developing, growing and mentoring new franchisees/members through our Staged Transition Model 

  • Providing local area/zone marketing solutions to groups of offices whilst ensuring adherence to your established brand management guidelines• 

  • Developing greenfield territories for interstate franchise/member groups• 

  • Building member/franchisee value with third party providers

  • Helping you develop your own licensing or franchising model for your real estate system

Each group’s needs, and the solutions for them, are unique and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you in detail.

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